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Thanks SO much for ordering my new music. Getting to share these songs with you means the world to me.

As a way of saying THANK YOU for your support, I wanted to give you a chance to get something special called THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION. I’ve commissioned a limited run of autograph-engraved crystal USB drives that contain everything I’ve ever recorded over 25+ years of music. That’s 14 (!) albums, plus a collection singles, demos, b-sides, and other rarities, many of which are not available anywhere else.


  • I Can Hear You (11 songs)
  • Feel Free (10 songs)
  • This Much I Understand (12 songs)
  • Seize the Day and Other Stories (best-of with 7 previously unreleased tracks)
  • Travelers (12 songs)
  • We’ve Been Waiting for You (10 songs)
  • Under the Gaze (12 songs)
  • Christmas: An Irrational Season (13 songs)
  • Pollyanna’s Attic (12 songs)
  • Just Getting Started (12 songs) – regular AND high fidelity 96K version
  • Love Was Here First (11 songs)
  • Recognition (12 songs)
  • Recognition Instrumentals (12 songs)
  • In The Morning (7 songs)
  • In the Morning Instrumentals (7 songs)
  • Singles/B-Sides/Rarities/Demos (13 songs)
  • The limited-edition crystal USB drive ~ my friend Ingrid says this drive is so elegant it should be sold as home decor! 🙂

Each track comes in two versions ~ an mp3, as well as a full bandwidth .wav file for the audiophiles among us. Wherever possible I’ve included the album artwork as well.

To buy all this music individually would cost well over $200, and that doesn’t include the value of the drive itself and of the tracks you can’t actually get anywhere else. But the whole point of making music is sharing it with people, and I’d be honoured to share this work with you. So we’ve whittled the price down to $67 ~ inclusive of shipping and tax.

Please keep in mind that THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION is not available anywhere else, and this is the only time you’ll see this offer.

To get THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION, simply click the order button below. Otherwise, just click the “no thanks” link that you’ll find a little further down on this page.

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